• Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC is an American real estate organization with 64 franchise agencies around Italy.
  • Coldwell Banker Italy was one of Desygner’s first major clients and having a consistent and open working relationship was beneficial for both companies. The Marketing Manager was using Desygner Premium for a while and was excited to be involved in the development of an enterprise solution that would help them achieve their long-term design management goals.
  • Desygner's enterprise solutions allow any franchise or store marketing group to upload all of their creative content onto a single system for teams to access and customize with no risk to the brand.
Raffaella Pace

Raffaella Pace

Marketing Manager, Coldwell Banker

“We needed a platform to optimize our marketing materials and be able to use a standardized brand identity in all of our agencies. We were looking for something easy to use, but at the same time, something that we could use with the local printers.”


  • The Marketing Manager was the only person who supplied the agencies throughout the country with the necessary materials to advertise their properties. This took up a lot of time, but it was the only way to make sure the Coldwell Banker brand guidelines were followed properly.
  • As more franchisees were being introduced, they needed an easy-to-use platform that anyone could pick up without prior design experience.
  • They needed a platform that could quickly and easily turn any design into a high-resolution PDF ready for professional printing and distribution in local agencies.

Solutions Delivered

  • The Corporate Marketing Hub in Desygner allows for thousands of templates to be used by the entire organization as soon as they are created.
  • Desygner is user-friendly and simple. With a 10-minute video call from the Marketing Manager, all users were up-to-speed with the platform and ready to produce their own designs.
  • With Desygner’s Brand Guidelines Enforcer, brand consistency is maintained and Coldwell Banker’s franchise owners and agents are trusted to localize their own marketing materials.
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Self-Sufficient Franchises

Anyone involved with the organization modifies and publishes on-brand marketing materials from a computer, tablet or phone with absolutely no design skills required. From posting on social media, tweaking ads for a local market, to adjusting a flyer before it goes to print, they do it all with little involvement from the head office.

Self-Sufficient Franchises

Boosting speed-to-market

Coldwell Banker creates a high volume of printed marketing materials such as flyers and brochures to promote their properties for sale or rent. These are printed locally directly from the Desygner platform to ensure they get out in the market quickly and keep costs down.

Supporting people & business

For Coldwell Banker, their people are just as important as their business. With teamwork and participation from their agencies, they are able to achieve their goals and Desygner has always been very supportive. Any issues or difficulties are dealt with care and efficiency without disruption to their way of working.

Supporting people & business

About Coldwell Banker

American real estate franchise with 64 franchise agencies around Italy | 49 countries | 3,000+ offices.

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