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Language Immersion In Preschool And Why It Works So Well

The ability to speak more than one language has numerous benefits. Among other things, for the non-native speaker, it opens up the world and increases the sense of acceptance and belonging in the places where the secondary language is spoken. It creates a good impression in the minds of most native speakers; they typically feel that you appreciate their heritage and view them as equals. This type of cultural understanding is important in our increasingly global community.

The best way for a child to learn any language is through immersion. Basically, this means surrounding them with people who exclusively (or almost exclusively) speak the language you want them to learn. How does it happen? The following post explains the process in detail:

What is the Secret to Language Immersion?

If you are trying to learn a language like English, you have probably heard about immersion language learning, or ILL. This is because immersion learning is the most effective way to acquire a language. And I say ‘acquire’ because that is exactly what the brain does—it slowly begins to recognize and assimilate a language naturally, without studying, memorizing, or painful classroom grammar exercises that are associated with ‘learning’ a language. Does that sound too good to be true? Well it’s not, and in fact it’s the same way you learned to speak your native language: effortlessly.

Think of language immersion as creating another “home” for your child so they can learn to speak the new language the same way they learned their first language — naturally.

The immersive method of language learning typically gives your child the added advantage of learning the culture associated with the language, something that formal language lessons often don’t. Find out more in the following post:

UNM studies effectiveness of Indigenous Language Immersion schools

SHIPROCK, N.M. — The University of New Mexico is taking part in a study that looks into how Indigenous Language Immersion schools can lead to better outcomes for Native American students.

Eva B. Stokely Elementary School in Shiprock, N.M. is teaching its students in the Navajo language. School officials say the enrolled children are thriving academically as well as learning their cultural identity.

The students sing “America, the Beautiful” in Diné every morning. Each class is full of children in traditional dress, and Navajo words and phrases cover the walls. Read more at KOB4…

Study after study has confirmed that learning a second language increases children’s cognitive abilities, helping them excel academically.

To recap, the following post discusses the specific benefits children gain from learning different languages:

In a recent article, NPR explored the benefits of dual-immersion classrooms. As it turns out, there are more benefits than children becoming proficient in a second language at an incredibly quick rate. Children as young as three are found to be more empathetic than their peers when they are learning multiple languages with the immersion approach, while older students “outperformed their peers in English-reading skills by a full school-year’s worth of learning by the end of middle school.” That’s not all – students are found to be more attentive and more engaged, while students who speak a language other than English as a first language feel more accepted. And researchers have found that individuals who actively use two languages seem to have a protection against “cognitive decline and dementia” later in life. Read more at Pay 4 School Stuff…

Early childhood is proven to be the best time for children to learn languages most easily. Immersion is the best way to create a good foundation for your child’s bilingual future.

If you want your preschool-age child to receive the benefits discussed in this post, Spanish for fun! is your best option. We combine the loving care that your child needs with immersive Spanish language education, cultural learning and lots of fun. Get in touch with us today to schedule a tour of our Child Care campus. We look forward to showing you why your child will thrive with us.