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How To Teach Your Child Social Skills For Life-Long Success

Like any loving parent, you want your child to succeed in life. A major contributor to lifetime success is possessing the set of social skills that help us create positive interactions with all types of people in a wide range of settings. One of the vital skills your child will need to establish these beneficial relationships is know how to create a favorable first impression.

This ability will make it substantially easier for your child to advance in the world. But, making a good first impression is not necessarily a skill that comes naturally. You need to teach your child the ins and outs of socializing — and you should start as early as possible.

One of the ways to do this is to emphasize manners and courtesy. Courtesy often seems all-too-rare these days. While this is lamentable, it also means examples of courtesy make a strong impression when they are encountered.

The following post describes some simple lessons in courtesy you can use with your child:

Montessori Monday: A Lesson in Grace and Courtesy — 5 Golden Phrases All Children Must learn

When it comes to developing social etiquette, social skills and social manners in children, there is actually no right age. However, laying a strong foundation for developing your child into a well behaved adult should start right from the age they start speaking words like “Please” and “Thank You”. These are 2 of the 5 golden words that help your child reaching out for help and showing gratitude. Positive gestures provide warmth to the relationships at home and outside. When you teach your child to treat others with respect, it will not only make things easier for them but will also pay in the long run.

In order to bring out the best in your kids, you must teach them these 5 golden words: Read more at My Aggrandized Life…

These golden phrases may seem obvious and unimportant, but they can quite powerful when dealing with others. Train your child to use them as early as she can speak.

Beyond the golden words, there are habits that you need to instill in your little ones. The following post gives insight on what else you can do to bring out the best in your child:

5 manners beyond please & thank you to teach your child

All parents want their children to grow up as polite, gracious beings. While it’s important to add ‘please’, thank you’ and ‘sorry’ to their vocabulary early on, real manners go far beyond it.

Greeting others : Many kids are shy around strangers and to hide their discomfort, they usually avoid eye contact and greeting. Teach your child how to greet an adult, be it a relative, their friend’s parent or anyone they meet. You may start by making it a habit to greet each other when you enter or leave the house. Also introduce them appropriately to a person they don’t know. Read more at Femina…

Simple acts of courtesy can cause your child to trigger smiles wherever she goes. No one hates being shown respect.

Finally, if you are willing to go beyond the basics and would like some more practical tips to apply, there is good news for you. The following post describes some of the strategies you can adopt to bring out the little angels in your children:

4 Smart Ways to Teach Your Child Good Manners

When I was a kid, I really didn’t like hearing stories about how disrespectful kids are “these days.”  I won’t go into detail about when “these days” were, but let’s just say that kids today are still struggling with the art of good manners.  As this is such an important topic vital to our children’s success as adults, I’m excited to partner with JIMMY Patterson Books to discuss ideas for ways to teach your child good manners!

Working in the education field, I interact with children of all ages and I often find myself wondering why many find it so difficult to say “Please”, “Thank You” and “Excuse me.” I’m not asking them to tip their hats when I walk into a room or practice any out-dated notions of “seen and not heard,” but when they practically run me over while trying to get past me in hall, a little bit of common courtesy and manners would be nice. When it comes to teaching manners and etiquette, maintaining consistency is paramount. One way to help ensure this is by enrolling your child in a great preschool that stresses the desired behaviors and reinforces the lessons being taught at home.

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